Sport Systems

Our Services

Sport Systems is best known for Chip Timing road races; from 10Km through Half Marathons to Marathons. Each year we time over 100 events from large races like the Bath Half Marathon and Hastings Half Marathon to much smaller local events like the Wedding Day 7K and Reigate YMCA 10K.
We also operate 'behind the scenes' assisting with the operation of some large well known events, which we can't name for contractual reasons. 

The business started in 1990 when the first version of what was to become Sport Systems in house race management software (in DOS!) was launched. In those days we were also the UK agents for Bill Rodgers' WinTrainer (training log software) and Age Grading tables. Both Sport Systems and race timing technology have significantly progressed since those early days. Sport Systems now operate with both hardware and software that are at the pinnacle of current technology.

In addition to event timing Sport Systems also provide end to end entry management services, providing back office support for all manner of events and in turn processing tens of thousands of race entries each year. You may have been the recipient of one of our mailings saying "Your Race Number is Enclosed."

Sport Systems is able to provide you with a range of timing options from start and finish timing, mid point timing or finish only timing to suit your race size and budget. We time everything from runs, swims, triathlons, Obstacle Course Races and much more. If we can put a tag on it, we can probably time it!

Our systems allow for a multitude of tag options, including reusable shoe and multisport tags, as well as a number of disposable tag options. Where possible we encourage the use of reusable chips.