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Buying online is now an everyday part of life and your entrants will want the ease and convenience of entering races online too. We know, from recent events, we’ve managed that there is a huge demand with up to a whopping 88% of competitors choosing to enter on line when there is no surcharge!

There are all-round advantages too; competitors don’t have to write cheques and you won’t have to bank them!

Sport Systems now has a portfolio of nearly 100 races, large and small, using our online services for processing thousands of pounds-worth of entries each month. Needless to say, more races and organisers are joining all the time! 

It may be holiday time but there’s always a race close by!

When you’ve gone to the effort of creating the right image you don’t want to spoil it!

Sport Systems' approach to online entries is different. We’ll create a customised online store for your event linked from your club or race’s website. We use the skills of our retained professionals to achieve a similar look and feel. This not only creates the right image for your event but it gives the competitor a seamless experience when entering.

Of course, as well as using a similar colour scheme to your own website, we’ll include your logos and those of your sponsors and any other logos like BARR.

Each of our websites has a link to Runners’ Medical Resource for the latest on health guidance.

The online entry system at work

Torbay Home page All your race promotions, including listings in running magazines, should direct people to your site and, from ther,e link on to your store.

The GOOGLE effect is also at work. When people type your event name into GOOGLE or any other web search engine they very easily find your site. At this point they will often enter straight away because it is so much easier and simpler than the traditional method.

Sport Systems’ stores use a shopping cart, so a runner can also enter friends and family members (perhaps into an associated race at the same event) at the same time.

If your event has a "for sale" t-shirt, this can also be purchased at the same time as well as donations made to the charities and organisations supported by your event!

The store can be used to provide additional specific race information and general guidance for runners by linking to your race details document or accommodation and travel information.

Secure Payments.

online payment

Once someone has completed their entry details, they then go to the checkout (just like buying a book from Amazon). At this point they are passed to the Barclaycard Merchant Services system (ePDQ) who handle our online secure payments. This ensures that the highest level of financial security is used.

We then forward the entry details for you to add to your race database.