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Race Number Printing Service

Race Number Printing

Sport Systems can supply your event with Tyvek race numbers.
Tyvek is water- and tear- resistant, making our numbers ideal for the toughest of races! It can be recycled at many recycling facilities.

Please Note: Tyvek has the HDPE #2 recycling symbol and can therefore be recycled with similar plastic products

Our prices include the printing of the runner's personal health and safety details on the reverse side, for completion by the runner prior to taking part in your race.

Examples of the front of a race number

Example race number 01.Paisley Example race number 01.RanHM Example race number 01.RanHM

Example race number 03.FrankH Example race number 04.PWHM Example race number 02.T&G


The back of a race number (shown with a DAG Timing Chip)


Back of race number

Timing Chip