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Download the latest version of RaceMaster98

These are full versions. If you don't have a registration code, the software will run in evaluation mode which will only allow 35 entries in each meeting.

There are two versions of RaceMaster98 available.

Version 1.3 (Standard) (currently version 1.35.02)
This is for general use and is suitable for most users and best suited for evaluation purposes. The 'How To' documentation all applies to this version.

Version 1.4 (Plus) (currently version 1.46.21)
This is for more advanced users and includes the optional Relay Module and the ability for entrants to belong to more than one team in different team competitions. For example a standard Athletics Club team competition and a Corporate Challenge. The differences from version 1.3 are not covered in the documentation. Only consider using this version if you need its features and contact technical support for more details.

The data file formats of the two version ranges are not compatible. When version 1.3 files are opened in version 1.4 a copy is created in version 1.4 format and then opened. The original file is unchanged. Version 1.4 files cannot be opened in version 1.3 and there is no format conversion utility.

Registration codes are the same for both versions but a separate registration code must be purchased for the relay module included in version 1.4.

Download Instructions for RM98

Click on the link for the version of RaceMaster98 you require - for evaluation purposes please us RM98 version 1.3.
When prompted, choose Save and select where to store the file on your computer. Both files are around 12Mb in size and will download in about 40 minutes using a 56K modem or about 4 minutes using 512Kb/sec broadband.

Download RM98 version 1.3 (Standard) - RM98v13502.exe(size 11.8Mb)

Download version 1.4 (Plus) RM98v14621.exe(size 11.7Mb)

Installation Instructions

If previous versions in the same version range are already installed they must be removed before installing the new version. This is achieved by either using the 'Setup RaceMaster98' menu item found in the RaceMaster98 program group or using 'Add or Remove Programs' section of the Control Panel. In both cases select the 'Remove All' option and then restart your computer when prompted. You will not lose any saved data. Your registration code and current files will also be retained. If you receive errors about wininet.dll and/or urlmon.dll being in use, they can be safely ignored.

Versions from both version ranges can co-exist on the same computer.

Find the downloaded file using 'My Computer' or Windows Explorer and then run it by double-clicking on it. When you click 'OK' on the next dialog box the files required for installation will be extracted and the setup program executed. To complete the installation, select the folder you wish to install to.

After Installation

The files used for installation are extracted to a sub-folder of your Temporary Folder called RM98v13 or RM98v14 depending on the version range being installed. Once installation has completed, this folder and its contents can be deleted or retained for further use.

Installations in version range 1.3 include a number of 'How To' documents which are copied to a HowTo folder under the RaceMaster98 folder. These documents are in PDF format which require the Acrobat reader which can be downloaded using this link   Get Adobe Reader logo

These 'How To' documents are also available from this site.

Registered users who are upgrading will find the new version continues to be registered. New registration codes issued by Sport Systems can be entered when RaceMaster98 is first used. Without a registration code the software will run in evaluation mode which will only allow 35 entries in each meeting.

Unregistered users who have completed their evaluation of RaceMaster98 and wish to unlock their system for use by their club or organisation can complete the order form and send it to us with a cheque for the required amount. We will then issue a registration code for the chosen user name. Normally this registration code will be sent by email.