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RaceMaster Software -1


RaceMaster is the UK’s best-selling Race Management software for road races, cross-country, fell and multi-terrain events. Our customers appreciate its ease-of-use, robustness, speed of operation and the quality of the race reports.

 Key features:

  • Manages large numbers of competitors and events
  • Multiple events within a meeting such as 5k and 10k
  • User defined age categories
  • Team competitions
  • User defined prize list
  • Option for races within races (county championships etc.)
  • Competitors’ details including EA registration numbers stored in database for re-use
  • Results easily posted to the internet
  • Multiple computers can connect to the data files simultaneously
  • Relay results with optional relay module

In short, RaceMaster is the most advanced, friendly and reliable Race Management Software on the market! To get your copy contact us today!


Download version 1.3

This is for general use and is suitable for most users and best suited for evaluation purposes. ‘How To’ documentation applies to this version.

Installation Instructions

Download, install and run the file by following the prompts. The version 1.3 files include a folder of ‘How To’ documents covering installation and operation. These documents are in PDF format which require the Acrobat reader which can be downloaded here

Without a registration code, the software will run in evaluation mode which allows 35 entries in an event. Unregistered users who want to unlock their system should submit the order form to Sport Systems.