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Sport Systems Shoe/Mat Based Chip Timing System

Sport Systems is able to provide you with a range of timing options from start and finish timing, mid-point timing or finish-only timing to suit any race size and budget.

Recyclable Shoe Chips

Recyclable shoe chips have been used for many years and continue to provide the most cost-effective and reliable method for race timing.  This system is easy to implement and very reliable.  Over many years, runners have become familiar with the chip that is attached to their shoes by ties and removed and recycled after each event. Sport Systems have used the IPICO foot chip system since 2008 and runners enjoy the reliability of this dependable technology which is used by major events such as the Virgin Money London Marathon and BUPA 10000.

Disposable Bib Chips

As performance has improved, disposable bib chips have become more widely adopted by race organisers as the race number has the runner identification chip attached to the rear to give a simple integrated system that does not require retrieval after the event. Runners like the simplicity of disposable chips as they attach a single integrated number and chip to their running vest.

Race Entry

For all chip-timed events supported by Sport Systems the numbers and chips can be distributed by post before the day of the event to reduce entry desk congestion or they can be collected on race day to avoid postal delays, forgotten race packs and post-race retrieval.

The Sport Systems online entry website can be live up until noon 48 hours before the race if required. This provides competitors with a superb service for race entry administration. Organisers are given periodic updates of race entry data so they can monitor and advise if the race is full or if later entries can be accepted on race day.

Maximising Revenue

There is no need to turn competitors away unnecessarily, as we will supply you with an agreed number of additional pre-programmed chips and corresponding numbers to either sell on the day or to replace the inevitable forgotten and lost chips and numbers.


The IPICO chip is priced to make either outright chip purchase or rental viable options for an organiser, depending upon their event size and individual requirements.

Easy to implement – most runners are familiar with the IPICO system

  • Choice of a retrievable foot timing chip or a disposable chip attached to the back of the race number.
  • Foot chip is attached to the runner’s shoe using ties provided by Sport Systems
    • Each chip is supplied in an individual envelope clearly printed with race number
    • with illustrations of how to correctly secure the chip to the shoe.
  • No show competitors can post the foot chip back in a pre-paid reply envelope.
    • Sport Systems pay the cost of the return postage.
  • Elite runners can be issued with two chips, one for each foot, so that it doesn’t matter which foot crosses the finish line first!

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Mat Configuration

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The standard Mat configuration is two rows 5M wide

We estimate that about 750 runners per minute will cross the start

Post-Event Chip Collection

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The twist ties provide secure chip attachment and easy release for chip collection after the race.This can be done either by the competitors themselves or they can be assisted by finish marshals equipped with lightweight wire clippers. Chips are then placed in plastic bins or buckets for return to Sport Systems.

  Race Results
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The Sport Systems chip timing system enables initial race results to be produced for display and, where possible, posted on the internet whilst competitors are still finishing! Information for individual prize winners and teams can be quickly produced for prize presentations. Where required, we can also send results by email or text to the competitors.