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Photo finish timing

Sport Systems’ Finish Lynx Photo Finish Timing System is suitable for all track athletics and it can also be used to time many other sports. If timing and accuracy is a challenge for your event, contact us to discover how we can help you.

  • Rapid results service – as soon as your last competitor has finished, the results are delivered. There’s no waiting around – the results can be announced just as soon as they get to the event announcer!
  • Accurate time – Photo Finish records down to just one thousandth of a second so if you’ve got a potential world record we’ve got the system to capture it.
  • Accurate judging – Photo Finish can sort out a confusing mess of competitors crossing the finishing line all at once.
  • The winner’s time is displayed on the event clock as soon as they cross the finish line.
  • Photo Finish provides results for media and spectators, either in printed form or by TV screen.
  • Finish Lynx’s Photo Finish is recognised by the governing bodies of most sports as the de-facto standard, where records are produced, even world records.

Sport Systems race managementEvery event is recorded and saved digitally, making it possible to review the finish of the event in case of appeals.

The Finish Lynx Photo Finish operated by Sport Systems is the world’s leading electronic timing system. It combines laptop computer technology with a digital camera that takes 10,000 frames per second. The system is activated by the starter’s gun triggering the equipment’s sensor. This in turn starts the event’s clock ticking. As the first competitor crosses the finish line, the Photo Finish camera captures the moment and displays the event on the computer’s screen.

Photo Finish doesn’t take away all human responsibility; it will not tell you who your winner is. Instead it provides the tools and information to allow the race’s senior timekeeper to make that decision.

Sport Systems photo finishBehind the system is a database of competitors’ details including items like club and age group data.

Once a winner has been determined, the equipment operator types in either their lane number (for athletics) or the competitor number. This is repeated for all competitors and, as soon as the last one is in, the results can be displayed.

Competitor status like DNS, DQ or DNF are also managed by the system. Split times for each competitor are also calculated.

What we will provide
Sport Systems will provide all the equipment you need and technical support to operate the system